Holiday Market

Holiday Market was spectacular!  There were gifts galore and wonderful stocking stuffers mostly made by hand from area artisans.  Both soft and hard goods could be had ranging from delicate knits to hand forged iron.  It was a delight to watch folks go from browsing to buying. 

Jerill Vance of Jerill Vance Woodworks brought one of his fine inlaid tilt top tables, a quilt frame and a beautiful hand drawn work of art with one of his wooden frames amongst other goodies of course.  But these caught my eye right off and his work is stunning.

John Kessinger, of Revolutionary Road, is a cooper which is a person highly skilled in crafting wooden buckets, was accompanied by his lovely wife had an inviting display of his water buckets, churns, and her pretty boxes adorned with lace, hand sewn stocking and several other cuties. 
Ervin Jones and his wife Susie displayed Ervin's fine wooden masterpieces.  His hand carved bowls are gorgeous as you can see in the photos but he also crafts ornaments and these little bird houses are adorable! 

Charlie Bradley and his wife Evelyn, loyal demonstrators at Heritage Farm can be seen frequently during various Way Back Weekends. They both continue to earn 'best costume' in my opinion!  Their creative costumes grabs attention no matter what season.  They grace the banner of this blog on the left hand side.   His unique display of implements crafted from iron mixed with other antique wares were most interesting and were sure to attract the history buffs.

Quite a contrast from the hardened iron tools to the gifts below which were crafted from delicate strands copper wire into amusing little figures, ornaments and jewelry.  Jimmy Robinson delights customers of all ages with his copper creations. 

Austin Jones of Point Pleasant, WV, committed to the preservation and restoration of antique printing equipment, displayed several examples of letterpress prints some of which were framed.  Old ads and patriotic songs are just a few examples of his gifts that could be purchased.  What a unique idea for the history buff in your family!

River and Rail Bakery offered scrumptious cookies and treats for those who needed a sugar high from the strenuous shopping! :) 

Margaret Reid and her husband of Reid's Appiary in Willow Wood, Ohio were on hand to offer honey bee goods.  A variety of candies and sweets were available, perfect for stocking stuffers!  

Kate McComas, one of the area's most talented spinners had a wonderful table displaying a variety of her textiles.  Kate teaches classes in the spring and fall at Heritage Farm.

Alane Thomas also on hand to dispay her beautiful yarns and had a great display of hand made scarves, hats, and purses.  Her husband specializes in glass baubles that make gorgeous necklaces. 

Yellow Goat Farm displayed such sweet scented soaps and sachets!  I loved the cute little goats on the little pouches.  Perfect stocking stuffers!

Kari Newman of Bead Unique  was in a melting mania since last month when she demonstrated her lampwork beads in November during the last Way Back Weekend Hot Glass celebration.  Snowmen, Christmas trees and all sorts of beautiful beads had to be created for Holiday Market.  She also was busy fulfilling a very special order. This particular request required her to custom craft beads from photos to match beloved family members of her client.  Scroll down to see how accurate she is...

Pretty and Perfect!  The little blue eye is simply adorable and too cute!
Eric Pardue shared his talent as a potter and demonstrated how to 'throw' pottery. 
Dave Osburn's fabulous glasswares are always on display in the new gift shop at Heritage Farm.  You can buy ornaments, jars, glasses, vases, etc. 
Upon exiting Heritage Hall and Holiday Market, one little baby was not pleased with being left behind. 
Holiday Market proved to be a shopping success for those looking for something a bit different, something hand made, something beautiful and certainly something one of a kind!  Most of the artisans have participated in past Way Back Weekend celebrations and some of their goods can be found in the Heritage Farm gift shop.   The Way Back Weekend series will resume next April.  The schedule can be found on the Heritage Farm website or under Events on this blog.  Merry Christmas to you and Happy Holidays!


Country Gal said...

What a wonderful looking day ! We would of loved to of been there ! Papa will enjoy the wood work site I shall show him it when he gets home as he is a hobbiest wood worker ! Fantastic post and photos thanks for sharing . Have a fantastic day !

Teresa@1800 Farmhouse Rd said...

Love that stocking in the first picture, and love the doggy in the last picture! Soooo cute!

Carletta said...

Saw the museum on the American Pickers show the other night. I had no idea it existed and now a blog as well! :)

Country Gal said...

Me again !
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