Nosing Around

I love to explore old houses and antique shops.  I used to nose around in my mother's drawers where she tucked away aged photos, momentos, and all sorts of things a child might rip or tear or worse yet, misplace! For a few minutes I was priveleged to peer around the Old Village Shop and boy is this the place for nosy people like me!  Words like Female Weakness, Lard, Boilfast, etc. are so foreign to our current speech habits and political correctness.  Female Weakness?  Oh no!!! 

All sorts of goodies attracted my eyes and I was in sensory overload!  The Old Village Shop is what you would find in an old country store.  Medicines, dry goods, canned goods, tools, clothing and even examples of old washing machines and vacuum cleaners are housed in the spacious log structure complete with wooden floors just like the old days.  I thought you might like to see what caught my eye....and this is only a small sampling!  You have to come and see for yourself!  These items or similar ones were most likely used by your grandparents and their relatives.

You will love the unique items and large collections that quietly sit and wait for your visual inspection.  My favorites were the apothecary shop.  How quaint but so very detailed were the labels on the old bottles that still carried the residue of promised cures.  I would love to know the ingredients of these magical elixirs, wouldn't you?

If you are a fashionista then check out the next couple of pics. Oooh, that black bathing suit is so very alluring!  Look at the kiddy shoes!  So sweet!

And finally something none of us can escape doing even today though women were stuck with this chore decades least the old scrub board was becoming a thing of the past.  Check out the washing machine! Now that is neat!  I hope you enjoyed my nosing around!  I can't wait to browse around in other buildings to see what I can find!