Farm Love

Yesterday afternoon I had the privilege of visiting Heritage Farm to meet with Audy.  Although it was cold and the chilling drizzle sharply reminded me that winter is here to stay, I just had to visit the animals!  Dressed in clothing that was not suitable for our walk down the lane, nor visiting the beautiful animals in their large enclosures, I threw all clothing concerns out of my head and pretended I was in my Carharts, refusing Audy's kind offer of a ride.
Look at little Cody...oh how I wanted to pet him!
I wanted to walk past the peaceful old log structures and pretend I was in another time even if it was for only a few minutes. I wanted to breath the fresh air and smell the 'barn scents' that are different from my farm since I only have horses.  I wanted to hear the variety of greetings that arose from the sweet little animals who were thrilled to see their beloved Audy.  Their unique calls were most welcoming!  So, Audy and I walked towards the barn and I got to experience all of these precious joys.  Simple to some maybe, but so very important to me.  As you browse these adorable images, can you see the love and affection in all of these sweet faces?

Furb and Phineas greeted us with such excitement!

Furb, Phineas, Zack and Cody each got special pats from Audy.
Tackle Time! Phineas are you a linebacker?
Silkie Sue was so happy that she laid an odd shaped egg!
From the moment we arrived, I heard what I thought was a sheep call, but no, this little goat was talking up a storm! Rascal, what are you saying?
Sweet Mary is around 13 years of age!
Audy said I had gained a new friend! Rascal, do you live up to your name?

Silkie Sam was chirping to himself the entire time! So cute!
Rascal, do you want to come home with me?