Wonderful, Wild and Woolly

Heritage Farm's first event, part of the new Way Back Weekend series went over extremely well!  The weather held out and the sheep herding demonstrations attracted a lot of attention.  What fun it was to watch the border collie's at work directing the four Dorset sheep around the grassy field. Suzanne Long of Squirrel's Nest Farm Border Collies from NC did a superb job.  That sweet face above and my favorite of the four is Number 22 (they don't name their sheep). She is the alpha though her age will soon prevent her from leading. It was really nice having area spinners and weavers share their talents and display such beautiful creations.  Even the food was fabulous.  The pinto beans were delicious. Thankfully the event was timed just right. Wild and Woolly ended around 3:00 before the severe storms had a chance to soak the land with torrential rains.

Audy gave some friends a wagon ride over to see the sheep herding.
Everyone was waiting and watching while sheep could care less mowing the grass with their quick jaws. 
Sukey and Bess following directions from Suzanne Long.
Sukey being older and experienced, rarely took her eyes from Suzanne.
Bess, around two years old, is still learning.
See?  Sukey still watches Suzanne while Bess might want to play.
At the end of the demonstration, Suzanne plays follow the leader with no voice commands.  Pretty good!
Beautiful creations could be purchased.
Time flew by and another demonstration began as I was leaving.