Farm Love

Yesterday afternoon I had the privilege of visiting Heritage Farm to meet with Audy.  Although it was cold and the chilling drizzle sharply reminded me that winter is here to stay, I just had to visit the animals!  Dressed in clothing that was not suitable for our walk down the lane, nor visiting the beautiful animals in their large enclosures, I threw all clothing concerns out of my head and pretended I was in my Carharts, refusing Audy's kind offer of a ride.
Look at little Cody...oh how I wanted to pet him!
I wanted to walk past the peaceful old log structures and pretend I was in another time even if it was for only a few minutes. I wanted to breath the fresh air and smell the 'barn scents' that are different from my farm since I only have horses.  I wanted to hear the variety of greetings that arose from the sweet little animals who were thrilled to see their beloved Audy.  Their unique calls were most welcoming!  So, Audy and I walked towards the barn and I got to experience all of these precious joys.  Simple to some maybe, but so very important to me.  As you browse these adorable images, can you see the love and affection in all of these sweet faces?

Furb and Phineas greeted us with such excitement!

Furb, Phineas, Zack and Cody each got special pats from Audy.
Tackle Time! Phineas are you a linebacker?
Silkie Sue was so happy that she laid an odd shaped egg!
From the moment we arrived, I heard what I thought was a sheep call, but no, this little goat was talking up a storm! Rascal, what are you saying?
Sweet Mary is around 13 years of age!
Audy said I had gained a new friend! Rascal, do you live up to your name?

Silkie Sam was chirping to himself the entire time! So cute!
Rascal, do you want to come home with me?


Verde Farm said...

I am in love!!! The goaties are precious! That Silkie hen is one of the sweetest. I was there late last year and fell in love with her. Did Rascal try to sneak home with you? Look at the beautiful sheep’s eyes-how sweet. They obviously love Audy-you can tell he loves them too. What a wonderful thing!
Amy :)

Jan AKA Wammy said...

I have loved this farm and these people for years. I have yet to go back home and actually walk the farm. Days at BHBC, Day Camps, Audy in youth group, Mel living in the 'convent', Bryce and the special 'farmer relationship' with A Michael, Easter Egg Hunts, picking black berries with Audy way up on the hill with the cows, living close to Scott and Michelle when they were in Cincinnati and Henriella, how she keeps it all in order...this farm and its' farmers' hold a specail place in my heart. One day I'll get there to see what they have done with the farm, one day. The photography and wriritng are very nice and professionally done. So, job well done by all! Keep living my dream!

Mama-Bug said...

Oh my I would love to be in the midst of all those loveable characters. Mary has got to be the sweetest sheep; how beautiful she is!


Hubby and I plan to visit the farm some time next year.I would love to be close enough to visit the farm every day that for me would be heaven. I love the blog and reading all about this wonderful farm. Great post and sweet photos ! Have a great day !

Heritage Farm Village said...

what a special group of comments so far! to each of you we thank you for following us and taking your time to write such warm sentiments! verde, you are such a great friend, we love having you! jan, i loved what you had to say and to share your memories was so nice! mama bug, mary would love to have a hug from you! and country gal, how exciting for us to have you visit, be sure to email me so i can meet you! take care all of you and stay warm! hugs, jill

Windy Meadows Farm said...

I love those little faces...how lucky you are to have them welcoming you each day! And so glad to know I'm not alone in the tree un-decorating...the ornaments came off yesterday, but I left the lights on. So pretty...but today, it will go outside and we'll cover it with treats for the birds! Thanks for your visit! -Mary

Jim said...

Jill, I love the photo where the four goats are surrounding Audy! They look so happy to see and be near him. There is something so special about goats that set them apart from other animals....maybe it's their eyes.
Great post.....the pics are good.

Jill said...

Your animals are so beautiful! Mary looks like such a sweet girl.

John Gray jgsheffield@hotmail.com said...

love the group photos

Carolina Mountains said...

They are all so beautiful. My neighbor has goats and I love to watch them in their pasture.


All beautiful photos -- your animals are so endearing. -- barbara


All beautiful photos -- your animals are so endearing. -- barbara