June 4th Here We Come!

Heritage Farm survived!  The vicious storms did take their toll on the big field and tried its best to muddy up the farm but the Perry crew overcame that hurdle rather quickly.  Although the annual festival was cancelled all is not lost.  Get ready for June 4th!  Recycled Beauty is the theme for that Saturday of celebration and from 10-3 it will be like a mini festival!  Demonstrations of all types will be shown such as blacksmithing, rug braiding, spinning, and don't forget to bring the kids. 

Calling all kids!  Wagon rides throughout the farm is a great way to take in the pretty settings and children love them.  The Petting Zoo is the highlight of any child's day. Be sure to take the kids for a visit so they can see up close little goats, baby lambs, chickens, peacocks, our llama, etc.  Delicious food will be served.  The pinto beans are to die for!  Yummm!

                     Take a listen and watch the kiddos interact with the Belle and her babies!  So cute!

Be sure to pop by the new welcome area right beside the office.  It is a lovely spacious room that allows visitors to watch a quick video showing how Mike and Henriella Perry began Heritage Farm and the progress made to bring it to its glory today.  What a perfect way to begin your tour.  I love the old photos and the farm looked so different back in the day!   Gorgeous pieces of glass are displayed as well as other gifts ready for purchase.  Heritage has been very busy this Spring.  They also built a new addition to Heritage Hall expanding it to allow for larger groups. What a great place for a meeting, I love all of the windows and this room is no comparison to the usual drab and closed in meeting areas provided by most hotels.  Recently the folks from the Cabell County Board of Education brought 120 for an all day meeting including a catered lunch (Heritage Hall can accommodate 200 very nicely).  Thank you Cabell County BOE!

The crew at Heritage Farm have stayed busy with school tours throughout the Spring season and prepping for the upcoming Way Back Weekend events. Be sure to mark your calendars on June 4th and come celebrate Recycled Beauty.  Some of the museums will be open and ready for you, the animals anxiously await for the happy children, and plenty of food can be had making June 4th a perfect way to spend your Saturday! See you soon!


Anonymous said...

Is there an admission charge that day?

Heritage Farm Village said...

Yes, admission for adults is $8 per person and children $6 per child. Please check with the office at 304.522.1244 in case prices have changed. Thanks for inquiring!