Youth Fest Was a Fun Fest!

Heritage Farm celebrated another Way Back Weekend last Saturday on July 2nd and this time it was all about the kids!  Yes, there were two sweet goat kids but the human kids could be seen all over the place having a blast. And, I must admit, I felt like a kid again because I was really wanting to ride the wagon and take the new History Holl'r Tour!

Look, the news media even came for a ride! 
Audy was busy driving the old Ford tractor which faithfully hauled the wagon carrying several families on board making their way up the wooded trail, so I wandered to Pioneer Homestead to see what was going on and take some pics before the tour arrived.  Ah, look how cute Audy's daughter is in her pink pioneer dress!  I loved this.  Kate was very becoming in her calico and the two were busy explaining how the settlers cooked over the fire to some visiting families.  Kate prepared pinto beans, spinach, and various breads for folks to sample.  The cabin was dark inside but the flickering flames of the candles cast a warm and inviting glow.
Getting ready for the next group to sample hearth cooking.
Can you imagine how difficult it was to regulate the heat?  I love my oven!
Kate managed to squeeze in a meeting and both are organizing part of September's Way Back Weekend which will include a Cast Iron Cook Off!  Love to cook?  Enter and you might win!
I sat a spell and briefly listened to their plans but soon heard the creaking of the old wagon wheels headed up the holler so I ran across the creek and hitched a ride.  I wanted to see that Mountain Man!  The road was bumpy and although my camera can prevent 'hand' shake, technology is not quite there for complete body shake, so no pictures were clear enough to post... and, we lost a wheel!  Just like in the old days but the wheel was for decoration purposes and thankfully we were able to continue. 
Mountain Trapper Man with his tent and pelts explaining how people survived when they crossed the mountains into our area.
Mountain Man explained all the steps of loading the rifle with powder which was a long process.  Good thing there were no grizzly bears!
A picture is worth a thousand words.
History Holl'r proved to be a fun tour and I was looking forward in petting those little goat boys.  Yellow Goat Farm so generously brought the sweetest little goats for the kids to pet.  I fell in love with the lighter colored baby and so wanted to take him home.  His eyes were full of love for his human friends.  If you enjoy goat cheese (who doesn't?), wonderful smelling soaps, jams and jellies, then Yellow Goat Farm is the place for you.  I did not want to leave that little pen but it was almost time to close the farm so I needed to visit Bee Lady and see what she was up to.
I love bees and Heritage Farm has a hive built into the Hand's On Farm Fun building so children can learn year round about these amazing creatures.  Bee Lady who is Margaret Reid of Reid's Apiary is a professional beekeeper with a large collection of hives in Willow Wood, Ohio.  She and her husband speak at regional beekeeping conventions and meetings and sell beekeeping supplies.  She is the perfect person to learn from and her enthusiasm is contagious! 

A great time was had at Heritage Farm during Youth Festival!  Although the celebration was nearing to close, kids continued to meander about, gaze at the horse, get their face painted, and run in and out of the petting zoo for one last look at the sweet little animals.  Even the 'older' kids continued to browse around.  It seemed they all wanted to stay but the rain began to sprinkle; a sure sign for me to depart. 
We are truly blessed in our area to have Heritage Farm.  It is like a little Williamsburg only an Appalachian version.  Where else can one go together with family and friends in our region, and share an outdoor experience sprinkled with a little history, be surrounded by spectacular scenery, learn and listen, and get a little exercise at the same time?   Oh, and eat too, if you happen to get hungry.   Each Way Back Weekend is held on the first Saturday of the month.  If you love nature, the woods and wood products, be sure to attend 'What Wood You Do' held on August 6th from 10-3.    See you soon!


Country Gal said...

What a wonderful fun looking day ! I would have a blast ! Great photos !

Teresa said...

This is just great! It looks like a wonderful event for kids of all ages!