Appalachian Music Festival!

Join us Today, Now, Soon....
This Way Back Weekend will feature a great diversity of local musicians and singers: Elaine Purkey, the Harmonica Club, Mystic Mountain Blueberry and the Jason Lovins Band.
10:30 Elaine Purkey   Elaine is one of our country's premiere folk singers, regularly giving performances around the state and country. In 2009, she performed with her fellow West Virginian singer Hazel Dickens (now deceased) and Mike Seeger, the brother of Pete Seeger, at the memorial service for Archie Green in San Francisco.  
11:30 Harmonica Club  Fresh from hosting the West Virginia Harmonica Championship contest at the Diamond Teeth Mary Blues Festival in Huntington, West Virginia last weekend. The Harmonica Club will play their blues and traditional songs.
1:00  Mystic Mountain Blueberry  You won't want to miss West Virginia's greatest Chillbilly band. Mystic Mountain Blueberry is a cool and delicious blend of Hip Hop, Dance, Funk, Hillbilly, and Soul. The band has been heard on local radio stations like WTCR and WAMX and has recently received national honors for their creative vision that all originates here in Huntington, WV or as the band lovingly refers to it “Hollerwood, USA.” Utilizing the instruments that are synonymous with Appalachia (Banjo, Mandolin, etc,) while playing today’s hottest Jams…well that’s just good fun.
2:00  Jason Lovins Band  Jason Lovins, Ryan Werner, Jose Mendoza, Rodney Mora and Jake Dorsey all come from various musical backgrounds giving rise to a diverse sound that remains unique within the music industry. Based out of Ashland, Kentucky, the band stems from the Appalachian Mountains and a culture traditionally dominated by country and southern gospel music. Jason embraces this idea and incorporates it into the contemporary sound of the band creating a unique blend of old and new.
In addition to enjoying the music, step back in time and tour our award winning Progress and Transportation Museums and Country Store. There will be lots of additional hands-on activities: corn grinding, milk the cow, petting zoo, and wagon rides.
Gates will be open from 10am to 3pm. Admission for adults is $8 and for children $6.   See You There!

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Country Gal said...

WOW ! it all sounds and looks wonderful and fun ! We are still gona make our way down there soon . Have a wonderful eve to you all !