Hot Glass!

November's Way Back Weekend celebration was all about glass.  It was a lovely day with Autumn's hue's still lingering on but nothing matched the beauitful colored creations that I was about to see as I passed thru the heavy wooden door.

A small crowd was hovering around a woman with eye protectors on.  She turned on a small torch that spit out a hot orange flame. With a stainless steel mandrel and a rod of colored glass she began to form a tiny blob that eventually grew into a gorgeous bead.  Kari Newman, a lampwork glass artist, of Bead Unique was kind enough to be one of Heritage Farm's demonstrators.  Her beads are adorable and each one has a personality of its own.  Her beads were not just balls of glass; she creates tiny birds, mushrooms, cute little halloween figures, candy corn, and a skull, were just a few that caught my eye.  At this point several were gathered around, asking questions while others were looking at beads and one happy person had just made a purchase. With not a lot of room to take good pics, I wandered up to the other glass maker.

Dave Osburn traveling all the way from Maryland was busy explaining the steps in making a small jar. A veteran in the glass industry, Dave was employed with Blenko Glass in Milton for 33 years as a glass designer before he bought Gibson Glass renaming it Osburn Modern Glass.  Now located out of state, this artisan and talented glass blower demonstrates annually at Heritage Farm and continues creating beautiful vases, cups, plates, ornaments, etc.  

I cannot imagine working with the intense heat but Dave masterfully shaped the large glass ball into what will be a glass jar.  it seemed as though everyone watching was mesmorized with his skills and it was hard to take your eye off the glistening clear glass. 

As I glanced around, I noticed a georgeous selection featuring some of Dave's creations for sale on top of a display case.  One buyer was attracted to the sparkling Christmas ornaments.  I am sure her tree will be spectacular this year!
Hot Glass proved to be a wonderful celebration for the Heritage Farm Way Back Weekend series.  Wandering back thru hallway and out the door, I noticed even more people learning about the beads...and I met Mr. Bernard Marshall of Lavalette who makes such cute canes!  How perfect for Thanksgiving!

 As I strolled back to the parking lot, I could not resist visiting a few 'things' on display that were the complete opposite of shiny glass although one sported something similar to a perfect blue glass ball!

One final stop was made though I dared not stay too long, River and Rail Bakery located in dowtown Huntington was the food vendor in the Heritage Farm Vittles Shop and oh my, the blueberry scones were way too tasty as was the huge chocolate chip cookie that I pretended to buy for my husband.  They also had pepperoni rolls, coffee, brownies, and various cookies.  Yummo!

The final Way Back Weekend celebration will be the Holiday Market held the first Saturday in December from 10-3.  Artisans of all types will be there for you to browse and buy before the Christmas holiday.  See you then and have a great Thanksgiving!

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