Heritage Holidays Annual Christmas Concert

Here's hoping you had a very Merry Christmas and the weather cooperated in your part of the world.  Heritage Farm hosted a most joyful singing celebration in the old log church the weekend before Christmas.  This annual concert series is by Cantanti di Festi and benefits Faith In Action which provides free non medical assistance to the eldery and adults with disabilities.  The snow blanketed the farm with cold white crystals but inside the dense log walls we sat in the wooden pews hearing the four merry voices sing Christmas songs from all over the world.  Linda Dobbs, mezzo soprano organized the concert and we give her a huge thank you for her hard work and narration.  She relayed to the audience various traditions of how the children of Germany, Spain, France and even South America celebrated the birth of Jesus.  The other talented voices that mesmorized us were Joan Pappas, soprano, Jeffrey Pappas, tenor, and Robert Wray, baritone while Alanna Cushing played the keyboard and the old pump organ.  Take a listen to 'The Holly and The Ivy', a traditional carol from the British Isles.

Linda formerly lived in Germany during the late 50's and collected German ornaments and decorations.  Joan's ancestors were from Holland and she displayed those darling wooden clogs.  It was really neat seeing the authentic little knick knacks that brought life to the window sills. 

Click on the authentic French Christmas song 'Tour, Louro, Louro'.  It was very entertaining to hear how other countries sing their traditional songs.

A German carol, 'Kommet Irh Hirten' (Come O' You Shephards) sung by Linda Dobbs

An upbeat Spanish carol about the Immaculate Conception and the Nativity of Christ called 'Riu, Riu Chui'.

Tap your toes and listen to Jeffrey Pappas sing solo the Venezuelian 'La Jornada' (The Journey) Christmas song.

The final song was 'Go Tell It On The Mountain' and then the crowd joined in for 'Deck the Halls' and 'God Rest You Merry Gentlemen'.  The concert was such a nice way to celebrate the upcoming holiday and learn about other cultures.  I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas filled with joy and happiness.  Have a safe and happy New Year!


Verde Farm said...

What a wonderful concert and a picturesque setting. Love hearing the different songs from around the world. The decorations are great too. I can't imagine wearing those wooden clogs :)

Rural Rambler said...

Beautiful post! The covered wooden bridge with the ice/snow covered trees is beautiful too. Love watching and listening to the songs and carols.

Angela said...

I too can't imagine ever wearing the wooden clogs! Ouch!!! They are sweet looking though. I loved all of the decorations especially the nutcrackers. Beautiful music too!

Happy New Year!

Mama-Bug said...

How awesome! Wish I could have been there. All of the video clips were great. Hope you have a blessed new year.