Audy's Animal Anecdotes

Audy Perry, the son of the founders of Heritage Farm wanted me to share his collection of short stories that began as simple observations of the daily doings on the farm, some tragic, though some not, but all have been written with the dear Lord in mind and lessons we can learn providing we are teachable.  The following are Audy's words with a tiny bit of editing.
Animals have been an integral part of my life for almost four decades. Growing up on a farm just outside of Huntington, West Virginia, I always loved playing with the dogs, cats, ducks, cows and anything else we could find roaming the hills and splashing in the creeks. When our family farm became Heritage Farm Museum & Village, a farm petting zoo was a great opportunity for me to share my love of animals with children of all ages.
God could have created a world of just plants and humans to tell His story but I believe He provided the gift of animals to teach us about ourselves and our relationship to an almighty, yet loving God. This series will be about my favorite animal insights over the years. Take a look at God through a different set of eyes each day and along the way you may discover a “new you” as you learn about a “new ewe” - the one and only Lamb of God.
Part One...Have you ever purred in God’s lap? The cat is the only animal I know that has an auditory, physical response to contentment - the purr. It is gratifying not only to the feline but also the owner. The other morning I sat down in the zoo during feeding time and Charky (9 month old grey & white kitty I rescued from the pound) jumped up on my lap, got comfy and immediately began to purr - he was safe in the lap of his master. Like Charky - each day we have a choice, we can choose to chase sparkly objects or little pieces of string which is fun for awhile but soon become tiresome and pointless or we can choose to be content in the lap of our Master. What will you choose today?
Way to go Audy!  How timely this lesson is during the hustle and bustle of the holiday season with so many of us trying to 'keep up' with all of our purchases and trying to please everyone around us.  Perhaps if we simplify we will be pleasing ourselves and our Lord and contentment with who we are and what we have will fulfill our lives. 


Verde Farm said...

What a great post. I completely agree with Audy and find animals bring us closer to God. The cat illustration is so true and it is so comforting to pet a cat and know that you are providing love and contentment through that purring. Dogs are so loving --unconditionally in my opinion. I believe there is a reason God spelled backward is Dog :)

Kim said...

How nice! I can't wait to read more. Audy is right, I am learning so much about myself through my new experiences with my horse, Bobbie. She is bossy and stubborn and likes to do things her way. But her way is often harder. What I have found is that she is a lot like her owner (me). I tend to be the same way when it would be a lot easier if I was sweet and submissive and listened to God more closely. Life might go a little easier!
Love your farm!

Mama-Bug said...

That was a great post this morning. Thanks for sharing it with us.


Great post. I to was raised on a farm and grew up learning so much about myself and animals.They are never judgemental and give you there all 24/7. I love nature,animals and all that goes with it! Have a warm and happy day !

Jill said...

Very nice post! It is interesting to look at life and God through the eyes of your animals. They can teach us many things.

Ocean Breezes and Country Sneezes said...

Thank you for sharing your beautiful photos, I live in a farming community, and while it's back breaking work I appreciated every one of those family farms! Have a beautiful Christmas!