Christmas Time Pickin' and Singin'

What masterful musicians!  It was such a treat to relax and become transformed back in time to the simpler days of yesteryear.  Take a listen for yourself to "Come all Ye Fair and Tender Maidens".

This version of the old song was written by Jean Ritchie.  Ritchie is from eastern Kentucky and was raised as an Old Regular Baptist in eastern Kentucky, (alot like my husband's upbringing).  She has risen to the top of the folk music genre and is nicknamed 'Mother Folk'.  I found it to be a haunting ballad with sad undertones and so worth your click.  She customizes the second stanza but I cannot find her lyrics online.  Charlie Bowen's voice is incredible and he certainly does justice to this folk song.
Robin Kessinger, Joe Dobbs, Adam Hager and Charlie Bowen shared their talents on the cold blustery day at the farm.
Robin Kessinger, national award winning 'flatpicker'.
Adam Hager, recently won the 2010 Guitar contest at the Robin Kessinger Festival.
Charlie Bowen, member of the band 1937 Flood and long time local musician.
Brrrr, the snow was falling fast and it was time to go home and drink some hot chocolate.  A warm thank you to the fabulous four who so kindly filled our ears with a couple of hours of pure Appalachian musical bliss.


Verde Farm said...

Beautiful music and haunting for sure. So indicative of the way we’ve grown up in Appalachia. This music is part of our heritage and it’s priceless. What a perfect day for this musical treat. That picture with the snow coming down is fantastic.
Amy :)

Ann said...

Thank you for sharing. I love Appalacian music. ~Ann


THAT WAS AWESOME, I was tappin me toes and even gave a little yip yip like they do, I used to go to listen to country fiddlers, pickers and strummers at a local country music house years ago ! I love the music, I also love the Celtic fiddlers,pickers and strummers ! Fantastic thanx so much ! Have a great toe tappin day !


Also love the bangos in the mix of this type of music !

gail said...

Hi Jill! So festive and old fashioned down home Christmasy! Love it, and love the snow. I'm waiting for some snow to fall here!

Linda said...

Their music is awesome! Do they have a CD?? Thanks for sharing!

Angela said...

Beautiful music and beautiful snow!

Living In Williamsburg Virginia said...

Great post. What a good time!

Darryl and Ruth : )

Heritage Farm Village said...

thank you so much for all of your comments. we love sharing and hearing from you! linda, you might click the link on robin kessinger and it will take you to his website. i am sure he has cd's but he didn't bring any that day. charlie is from the 1937 flood which i linked, i am sure they too have cd's. for days that one song kept playing over and over in my poor head! i loved it!